Does being in love exist?

Does being in love exist?

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Someone told me that there is no such thing as anyone being in love or being compatible because its just hormones, the desire to cling to another, sex, and the urgency not to carry out the rest of life alone that confuses and convinces us that its love. They said that no one is compatible because relationships are also about trying to change someone into something that theyre not. its about settling and tolerating. For the presence of a body, not the person to mute the echoes of loneliness.

Hmm I could see this being true for a lot of people .

I am smart. I am tough. I will always be enough!

Ive been in love before, so I definitely believe it exists….

And if people can fall in love over the internet or long distance off of conversations, without any physical touch to trigger hormones, then Im sure theres more to it than just biology.

Sure, companionship is a desire, but people turn down folks all the time who they have no interest in, despite desiring companionship.

If it was all about tolerance and comfort, then everyone would still be with the first person who showed them interest.

But as human beings, our emotions and desires are more nuanced than primitive. Sure, our natural urges play into our decision making, but so do other things that allow us to look beyond the immediate into the future.

My definition of love or what makes up why I loved a woman was compatibly, being able to trust her, being able to respect her, having her being a benefit to my life, compatible/complementary values, being able to get along with each other without major conflict, etc….

I couldnt conceive of loving someone who was incongruent to my life, priorities, and values…regardless of what they looked like or how the sex was…

If you ever have the joy of being in love with someone and being loved in return, then yes you will know it DEFINITELY exists.

When you fall in love with someone who certainly isnt good for you long term thats when youll know that love is absolutely insane.

Being in love and being compatible enough to share a life together are not even close to the same thing.

It honestly depends on what one defines as love. I think its pointless to generalize it. Thats one of the reasons I dont like how much its pushed on people. I dont like the FOMO created around it. I wish the media and society would just chill lol. People just have to live their lives and let things unfold naturally.

Yes, being in love exists. I have been in love & I have loved (in a codependency like style). Neither are a negative to me.

I dislike that we live in a generation that feels like true love doesnt exist just because THEY have never found it

being in love takes a certain amount of vulnerability (with a dash of hopeless romantic ness) that many are scared to be

The difference between being in love, loving, and maintaining a healthy relationship over the years have to be acknowledged.

Yes, they do overlap, but they also can function singularly and even be in conflict with each other.

Thats why you hear people say that its a choice how one shows up in a relationship or how one continues putting in effort even after spiciness tapers off.

Whats nice about being in love and that growing into genuine love is the vulnerability shared by both parties that then creates that intimacy and bond. That is such a sacred space imo.

your values drive who you love, your libido drives your lust.

lust and love are not the same…and one wears off when its satisfied where the other only gets stronger over time.

Love is more about the emotional than the physical, while lust is more about the physical than the emotional….

When some people confuse the two, it usually leads to extreme disappointments and frustrations….

just listen to what some people say attract them to people they supposedly love and you can pretty much predict the future for them over time..

I agree. When people say they fallen in love its really infatuation, lust. That feeling tapers off eventually and if there is no real compatibility, friendship to hold people together, thats when relationships fall apart. I think we need to distinguish between infatuation versus love.

Loving someone isnt about attraction or passion- but wanting the best for someone, caring for their well being. It exists beyond a relationship. I also believe cannot effectivelyb love someone you do not understand, because in your lack of understanding you will end up saying or doing things that are hurtful to the person whether consciously or unconsciously.

Lets be honest a lot of times falling in love is about how can the other person can fit MY fantasy, serve MY desires. It is quite delusional and self centered, which is why when reality sets in or people inevitably dont live up to your fantasy, people fall out of love. They realize they have little in common with person or they arent a good fit, blinded by their infatuation and future faking.

Yes, it does exist when you take the time to truly know yourself and vet every single potential partner.

I dont believe in speaking negativity into existence, especially in regard to my life. Believe that itll happen for you.

true love?! does it really exist for men

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