70 Creative sea animal crafts for kids (Ocean creatures)

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70 Creative sea animal crafts for kids (Ocean creatures)

Teaching and learning with kids and their creativity is so rewarding. Make these creativesea animal crafts and activitieswithkids. Great ideas for imaginativepreschoolers and childrenwho love tomake ocean creatureslike fishes, octopus, sharks, water plants, crabs, lobsters, star fish, whale, turtles, coral reef and so much more.

Since the ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul. here are some fun loving activities for your kids to help them learn, make, and inspire in the best way with games and DIY craft ideas related to sea animals. Activities in this collection are applicable to all age groups from toddlers kindergartners to 5th graders.


Find ideas to make sea animals and ocean creatures like:

Teach your kids how to make this fun cardhere.Let their imagination go wild in choosing animals and their positions. The idea is to usepuffy paintto color the sea creatures and usedigital stampsfor the base.

Kids love to explore underwater life at aquariums and museums, what they would love more than that is if they had their own aquarium to play with all day. Even if they are not yet ready to pet a living sea creature but they are definitely ready to make their very own aquarium, tutorialhere.

The old schoolshoe boxactivity never gets old, and they even haveprintablefor you to choose from.

Main equipment for this project includeMason Jarand lots ofsea creature figurines, tutorialhere.

This tutorial uses very basic craft materials like pipe cleaners, beads and obviously egg cartons to create master pieces,here.

Upcycle old and broken crayons into interesting water animal shapes using molds filled with crayons and melt them in the oven to reshape, tutorialhere.

Make this fun decorative hanging with beads, felt and yarn. Also great for teaching fine motor skills and sequencing.

Homemade soaps with ocean animal squeaky toy, made using tutorialhere. Also make great party favors.

These are the cutest non living turtle Ive ever encountered and the best part is they are way too easy to make. Make cutout turtle bodies with formic sheets also called foam and recycle plastic bottle bottoms for the turtle shell, finished with buttons and thread.

A fun activity and game for 2 or 3 year old kids to make with clay,here.

Make and move the turtle activityhere.

Walnut shells, googly eyes and paper turtle bodies to make this cute crafthere.

Felt cutouts glued together to make sea turtle/ tortoise in two different wayshere.

Make a fluffy plush toy following the instructionshere.

Make these cute sea animals using egg carton, pom poms and buttons. Foundhere.

Weave paper or ribbons together to create contrasting patterns for fish bodies with this kids craft.

Help your little princess in creating her favorite fairy tale become a reality with these 3 in 1 free printables ofDIY 3D Princess Ariel,3D flounderand,3D Ursula. No longer available on Disney website.

An interactive story telling fish craft, the idea can be used to create various sea animals.

Repurpose bottle caps to create an ocean scene, projecthere.

A tutorial to make fish with buttons by sewing on the felt to create a decorative frame. This idea is also good for creating button fish using glue, fabric, paper and so much more.

Tutorial to make this sea animal craft.

Colorful angelfish created using craft sticks also called ice cream sticks and lolly stickshere.

Fun to create and super fun to innovate with colors, projecthere.

Paint based activity that involves use ofpuffy paintusing shaving cream and colored glue to create fish crafthere.

Build and play fishing game with these felt fishes and fishing rods using the instructionshere.

Put your seashells collection from last visit to beach to good use into making these cute fish crafts foundhere.

Equally fun activity for toddlers and kindergartners that is learning based for teaching kids about alphabets foundhere.

Cut the water and paint with acrylic paints.

Create this bubble wrap pattern on paper and cutout the star to make this projecthere.

An easy craft that can also be made with styro foam.

Cute sea craft for kids made with buttons and glue gun,here.

Fun project that involves dipping and pressing pipe cleaner made stamps to create different shapes.

Give few materials likecardboard, paint and markersto your kids with instructions fromhere.

Craft sea animals with kids using crepe paper and colored papers like this octopushere.

Create an octopus shaped memory box by recycling empty chocolate and cookie tin and cardboard boxes, tutorialhere.

Make a cute octopus sea animal craft with foam ball and paper, foundhere.

Make this cute ocean creature with toilet paper roll and threads, foundhere.

Pipe cleaner and styrofoam balls cut in half makes perfect jellyfishes with googly eyes and some paint, project foundhere.

Tutorialhereuses mediums likeacrylicpaint, pastel, chalketc to create different effects on the paper.

Sea Urchins are really fascinating sea creatures. They are actually carnivorous living animals which look like plants. Kids dont find them on beaches and sea shores, these hidden treasures live under the sea on the seabed, crafthere.

Pearl bracelet in an oyster made with paper plate from the ocean floor, tutorialhere.

Painted patterns that can be created using things likebubble wrap, egg cartonandspongeetchere.

This project is so neat, it can also be used as a home decor instructionshere.

Pipe cleaners and disposable cups makes cute ocean crabs likeTHESE.

Upcycle clothespin into mermaids using foam and paint,here.

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So many fun ideas! Love this collection.

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